First Nations Springboard to a
DCS Pathway (081.06)


The Springboard to a DCS (DEC) prepares you for college studies. It not only allows you to acquire skills you can use in school, but also in your future career. This personalized program, supervised by an academic support agent, will meet your expectations whether you want to upgrade your skills or take a remedial French or English course.

This program combines general education and complementary courses as well as needs-based workshops that will enable you to maximize your chances of success and reinforce your skills in three areas:

  1. You will see how you can improve your learning strategies, manage your time better and plan your assignments so end-of-session stress levels can be reduced.
  2. You will learn more about yourself: your strengths, things you need to improve on, what you like, what you care about, what you aspire to and your dreams. You will then be better prepared to reach your goals.
  3. To become citizens in your own right, you also need to know about the environment in which you are evolving. Recognizing and understanding your own lifestyle habits makes cooperating with others in society easier.

Did you know? 

You can still be admissible to Kiuna even if your secondary school diploma is missing 10 credits or fewer!


That’s right! You can complete your high school math, French, English, and history courses at Kiuna while starting the Springboard to a DCS pathway thanks to a partnership between the First Nations Education Council and the Centre de développement de la formation et de la main-d’oeuvre Huron-Wendat.

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