Kiuna is proud to announce a variety of scholarships for the Fall 2022 semester, valued at more than 10 000 $! 

The Kinosalwaw8gan scholarships are intended exclusively for First Peoples students attending the Kiuna Institution and are made possible through an association with various generous donors.

 Kinosalwaw8gan, a term from the ancestral aln8ba8dwaw8gan (Abenaki) language, which indicates the role of guide and mentor that Kiuna, through these scholarships, wishes to play alongside its student population.  

Kinosalwaw8gan Scholarships– Lise E. Bordeleau
Academic Performance Scholarship – 1 000 $
Perseverance Scholarship – 1 000 $
Excellence Scholarship – 500 $
Welcoming and Attraction Scholarships – 250 $   

Kinosalwaw8gan Scholarship – The Harvard Club of Quebec Prize
Outstanding leadership and scholarship – 500 $

Kinosalwaw8gan Scholarships – André-Gauthier by Cain Lamarre
Attraction and Perseverance Scholarship – 5 000 $ per student/per year

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