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The First Nations College !

A place created by and for First Nations !

Kiuna is open to everyone !

Discover our college diploma programs

First Nations Social Science (300.B0)

First Nations Arts, Literature and Communication (500.B1)

Indigenous Languages option
Indigenous Cinema option

Kiuna is my choice!

Even though our programs were designed by and for
First Nations, it is also open to non-Aboriginals!

If you are interested in subjects like history, art, and anthropology, these
ministry-approved programs are also for you. They can be your stepping stone to university level studies in social sciences.
Kiuna’s welcoming atmosphere and array of student services will undoubtedly meet your expectations.

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Missing credits?

Be admissible to Kiuna even if your secondary school diploma is missing 10 credits or fewer!

Springboard to a DCS (DEC)

The Springboard to a DCS (DEC)
prepares you for college studies.

Student for a day

Want to experience Kiuna for a day?
We look forward to welcoming you!