Diploma (DEC) in First Nations Social Science—300.B1

 Kiuna, the only college to offer this program !


Developed in collaboration with First Nations, the Social Science program fulfills all requirements put in place by
Quebec’s Ministry of Education (MEES). Courses in this program primarily focus on three aspects of personal and collective development: identity, community and society.

Centered on the culture, history, and traditions of the First Nations of Quebec, Canada and North America, this program
addresses contemporary issues that affect them including Aboriginal policies, rights and claims, as well as economic
development and self-government.

At Kiuna, you will develop the same skills as students enrolled in the Social Science program in any other college in Quebec.
That means you can enroll in an undergraduate program in a variety of disciplines including humanities, social science,
education, law, liberal arts and business administration.

This program fosters your progress by enabling you to affirm your identity as a First Nations citizen, explore the different ways you can serve your community, and take on your social and civic responsibilities. The Social Science program includes a general education component common to all college programs (26 2/3 credits) and a specific education component in social science (30 credits).


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