Student Services

Documentation Centre

Kiuna gives you access to information resources ranging from books, magazines, reference manuals, audio-visual documents and specialized databases on loan or in the college’s reference library.

If needed, you can also obtain assistance on using the computer and multimedia equipment available at the centre which includes computers, printers, audio-visual material, and photocopiers.

As a student, you can also obtain a library card from one of the partner CEGEPs, according to language of instruction, giving you the opportunity to borrow documents on site or through inter-library loans.

Student Housing

Two housing options are provided to you by the Kiuna Institution and the community of Odanak: a four-bedroom student housing unit with a shared living room, kitchen and bathroom, or a two-bedroom family unit for students with children. Units are completely furnished and include all essential services (Internet, heating, etc.) For more information, call our student housing clerk at 1-866-568-6464.

Dedicated Staff

Kiuna has qualified personnel with extensive experience in post-secondary education and with First Nations. A team of committed teachers, guidance and counselling services, and psychosocial support are at your disposal.

Student Life Facilitator-cultural component

The student life facilitator organizes a wide variety of extracurricular activities to give students and staff opportunities to interact with each other and foster a sense of belonging among students and strengthen their identity. The facilitator encourages the development of student leadership skills by helping student-led activities get off the ground.

Furthermore, thanks to our many partnerships, students often have the opportunity to travel abroad.

Kiuna offers its students activities that respect and meets their needs for an enriching experience.


IT Services

Technology and education go hand in hand at Kiuna. You can take advantage of a host of cutting-edge IT equipment to support your studies and stimulate your creativity including tools like HD digital cameras and an editing studio that can be used for special projects or assignments. You can also get technical support if you need it. Kiuna has multimedia classrooms equipped with computers, interactive whiteboards, and videoconferencing systems along with a school-wide wireless network giving you access to the Internet.

Psychosocial Support

Having a hard time? Feeling stressed out? Kiuna’s psychosocial workers can help by giving you personalized counselling and support.

The consultation service, composed of a psychotherapy technician and a social support worker, is open weekdays for students who need timely assistance, short-term (one session) and medium-term (two sessions) psychotherapeutic follow-up, and other types of cognitive and affective assessments to guide the therapy sessions and enable students to gain a better understanding of their situation.

The psychosocial support professionals also work closely with the teaching staff to offer workshops on mindfulness, yoga and art therapy.

Study Sessions

Teacher-supervised study sessions are offered twice a week for students who want an additional opportunity for some quality study time to prepare for exams, obtain more personalized academic support, or have access to resources (reference works, computers, and other technological tools) in the documentation centre and the multimedia room.

A shuttle service has been organized to help students get there!

Language Development Centre

If you want to improve your language skills and communicate more effectively in English or French, you can get valuable, personalized support at Kiuna’s Language Development Centre. Two coordinators are available to help you strengthen your skills in writing, organizing and presenting texts, and further your understanding of certain notions of grammar. Peer assistance is also provided at the centre.

Academic Support Agent

The academic support agent assists students with common problems like class attendance, respecting deadlines, planning, note taking, studying for exams, etc. The academic support agent also takes part in assessing applications for scholarship grants, and organizes a variety of activities to fill you in on program and career options based on the current job market. The agent can also help you through the university admission process and give you information on program openings and restrictions.

Sports and Cultural Activities

You can develop your creative potential and organizational skills by getting involved in the many activities Kiuna has to offer. Cultural activities like deer and moose hide tanning, beading, basket weaving, and drum making give you the opportunity to keep your traditions alive as well as craft and sewing workshops where you can learn to make a dream catcher, corn husk doll, or a cradleboard.

Your talents can also be showcased in activities ranging from photo rallies, bubble soccer games, BBQs, corn roasts, our Warrior Race obstacle course to more conventional activities like Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, graduation ceremony, and the year-end trip. You will have an unforgettable experience at Kiuna full of opportunities to challenge yourself and develop new friendships.

College Police Officer

Through regular patrols and prevention measures, the college police officer ensures campus safety at Kiuna including the student residences. The officer also promotes services offered by the Abenaki police force and familiarizes students with regulations in the community and the college.

Local Partnerships

Students have access to monthly food relief if needed through Kiuna’s ongoing partnership with Moisson Mauricie. Kiuna’s psychosocial support team is reinforced through services provided by an outreach worker from Centretien de Nicolet et régions